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Experience an EO Study!

Participants get to receive a customized complementary trial kit of oils based on their personal wellness needs. Then Embark on a hand on week of robust education and fun and prizes! 

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Colleen McCartney & Lindsay York present...

Techify Your Strategic Calendar!


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Are you a small business owner who's struggling to keep up with your workload?

This workshop is the solution for you. In this 2 hour, hands-on, get-it-done workshop we will help you create your strategic calendar which is designed to help you get more done in your week. You'll be able to see exactly where your time goes and what needs attention, so you can make better decisions about how best to use your time. Then we will techify it so you can rock your biz in the digital age and serve your clients with ease!


  • Coaching on Strategic Calendaring, Time Management, Calendly, & Google Calendar

  • Two Hour session where you will learn how to do it AND actually do the thing!

  • Breakout sessions to collaborate with other entrepreneurs

  • Workbook & Templates sent in advance so you can show up ready to work

  • Bonus: Zoom hack!

  • July 22 1pmEST


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About the speakers

    Colleen McCartney

    Holistic Tech Coach

    Here to help you create tech solutions that work for your business. I help people understand Google Workspace, GroupTrack, Streak, SmarterQueue, Kartra, Groove, & more - don't worry if it's not a name you recognize we've got what you need! We'll provide easy steps to follow including self paced courses, 1:1 support, team trainings or adding collaborative tech calls to create additional value in your coaching programs.

    I am here to help entrepreneurs get their tech working FOR them.

    Lindsay York

    Systems & Organizational Coach

    I help busy entrepreneurs document and organize their business processes so that they can grow their businesses to be scalable, streamlined, and cost-effective in ways beyond just a feel-good strategy. Services I offer include: - Process Management: I design and maintain your company process manuals, including SOPs for daily, weekly, and monthly tasks - Process Optimization: I optimize and improve processes and the overall approach where necessary, identify growth opportunities, and initiate new projects - Packages include: SOP Project Management Company Manual Creation or Audit Social Media Process Documentation System Optimization Audit and much more...

Get Strategic With Your Time & Energy

You're always busy with work and never have time to think about what's coming up next. But using a strategic calendar can transform your business so you know exactly what you are doing at any given moment, without having to think or plan ahead—so that when it comes down to the wire, all of your attention is focused on whatever task at hand needs immediate focus, be it invoicing customers, reaching out to clients, or chauffeuring the kids to their endless activities!

Leverage Calendly so your clients book only when YOU want

People are often faced with the difficult task of juggling their work and personal life. With so many demands on our time, it can be tough to find a balance that works for us. But now there is an easy way out: Calendly! This nifty app will help you manage everything in one place including booking appointments based on what's best for YOUR schedule as well as viewing all of your bookings in one place instead of having them scattered across various emails or calendars where they might not get seen until it's too late-leaving nothing but chaos behind.

Harness the Power of Google Calendar

Make life easy to view and manage your schedule all in one place. When you update a date or time on one device, the changes sync across all devices that are signed in with your account for ease of use. You'll never have an excuse not to remember important deadlines when everything is available at just a few clicks away!


  • How to utilize a Strategic Calendar to maximize your productivity

  • How to leverage Calendly to always have prospect appointments

  • How to collaborate with a team calendar

  • How to leverage the power of Google Calendar

  • Bonus: Zoom hack!


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